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Wills and probate

Sole Principal Gillian Gadd

WILLS AND PROBATE - 01403 262520

Why should I make a will? then you need to make a will. Depending upon your circumstances, the law sets out particular rules about which family members are entitled to receive your property, and these rules may not give the results you expect.  To avoid such problems, making a will allows you to direct how your property is distributed.

How do I make a will?

Contact me at or phone 01403 262520 to make an appointment to discuss what you want to include in your will.

I can then prepare a will that reflects your wishes and send it to you to approve.  I will then see you again to deal with the signature formalities.

Probate and estate administration

It can be confusing if you have been left to deal with the legal issues relating to the financial affairs of someone who has died. The process can be long and complicated, depending on the nature of that person’s assets and where they are situated.

I can help you in

• Administering the estate of a person who has died whether there is a Will or not
• Contacting any financial institutions to sell or transfer assets
• Dealing with shares, property or business assets whether in the UK or abroad
• Paying bills and liabilities
• Dealing with the Inheritance Tax authorities
• Dealing with Income/Capital Gains Tax issues
• Obtaining the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration
• Finalising all matters relating to a person’s affairs after they have died

Powers of attorney

For a person who is worried about who will look after their affairs for them if they cannot do so by themselves or for family members who have a relative who is becoming infirm, I can prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney, which gives one or more people the power to deal with your financial affairs on your behalf, subject to whatever limitations or restrictions you choose. It is also possible to draw up a different Lasting Power of Attorney, by which you can appoint one or more people to make decisions for you about your health, care and welfare if you become unable to do this yourself.

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